Open Up A Box of Healing Comfort ✨

Here’s a simple tool you can use to calm you down, pick yourself up, and recharge. It works like magic.

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    Comfort in Trying Times

    Admit it, there are just some days that are harder to bear than most. So just as we keep first-aid kits for physical wounds, consider this as another essential kit for your emotional and mental health.

    Fun and Easy to Make

    Inside, you’ll find instructions on how to make your very own comfort box effective for stormy days. You don’t need a lot of stuff to get it done, just an old shoebox, a bunch of stuff, and a ton of fun!

    Personalised to Work For You

    What’s great about creating your own comfort box is that it’s unique to you. Everything that you’ll be placing inside the box is handpicked to evoke feelings of calm, happiness, and positivity.